The Five People You Meet in Vegas

We've all got our own image of what Vegas should be like; most of which contain cash-money, a little bit of dirt, and a prostitute here and there.

Interestingly enough, it was nothing of the sort. Celebrating Easter weekend in Sin City with your family probably isn't the most traditional of experiences, but when the opportunity presents itself, you've gotta pounce.

If you're up for the most interesting of experiences with the most interesting of people, Vegas might just be your spirit animal. May I introduce you to the five people you meet in Vegas:

1. The Guy That's So Tatt-ed That He Must Be In A Gang

Seriously, tear drop tattoos were a dime a dozen, flower sleeves littered the pool-side and I was just waiting to see someone with the tat "No Ragrets" on his chest. Really? Not even one?

2. The Gambling Grandma

She hasn't seen daylight in the past four days, getting her daily dose of Vitamin D through the illuminated slot machines. A smoking cig in her left hand, letting her right do all the dirty work.

3. The Vacationing Family

They don't call Vegas an adult Disney World for nothing. The amount of children prancing through the casinos "oOoo-ing and ahhh-ing" at the pretty colors is pretty astonishing. The kids float down the lazy river for hours as the adults bask in the sun, slurping up one of those infamous $30 frozen cocktails. It's actually ingenious.

4. The Guy That's So Drunk He Doesn't Know Where He Is

Let me set the scene. It's 10 a.m., you're waiting in line for a coffee and breakfast sandwich and a googley-eyed drunkard stumbles up next to you; it's feeding time. With a beer in hand he asks "how's your night going?" in the biggest fail of an attempt at a pickup line. Go take a nap, dude.

5. The Local Cabby

One of the most interesting types, the Cabby has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Vegas. He's gone to all of the shows, has the best advice and is a master at getting puke out of carpet.

So, who are you gonna be?