Coming in Hot: How to Hit Houston in Two Days

Houston, Texas made headlines last year, but for reasons far different than to put it on your weekend travel bucket list. The waters of Hurrican Harvey have long since dried, giving you all the more reason to support this Texas city and explore everything it's got to offer. 

Ready to ball on a budget? I scouted the scene and did the dirty work so that you can hit the streets of Houston running in just two days time:

1. Explore the Museum District

Houston is one of the most liberal and artsy cities in Texas, so you’ve got to see what gives it the reputation. Thursdays are free admission to both the Natural Science and Fine Art Museums, making it easier to ball on a budget and not feel too guilty for skipping over certain exhibits.

2. Feed A Giraffe

The zoo is located in Hermann Park, a stones throw away from the museums. Save time and hit the zoo first and then escape the heat in the museums. We don’t know about you, but making friends with a giraffe has always been a Lala goal, and the  Houston Zoo made it happen. Feeding times are at 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. and cost $5 for three pieces of lettuce. This is the only time that buying your friends is acceptable.

3. Get Into Some Double Trouble

Need an afternoon energy boost to keep you powering through? Tucked away in Midtown, Double Trouble is a coffee shop with a twist. Decide between caffeine, a cocktail or a little of both to keep you pushing through the day. Next door you can find a few quaint hidden gem vintage and crafting boutiques.

4. Chow Down on Southern Specialties

Our personal favorite stops were breakfast joints – shocker. We’ve always been a little bit skeptical of the whole chicken and waffles trend, but now we’re officially hooked. The Breakfast Klub specializes in catfish and grits and chicken and waffles. Give in and try ’em both; they are to DIE for. Also, anything biscuit or BBQ are deathly delicious.

5. Listen to a Live Country Music Performance

Seeing as the bars at every corner seem to have happy hour performers, they won’t be hard to find. Grab a seat and an ice cold beer and soak up the genuine southern twang. You truly don’t get that authentic southern feel until you find yourself in a serious hometown bar.