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I get it. Reading can feel hard, but suddenly you make it a priority by setting a side a few minutes a day and you find yourself craving the calm and comfort of your own little literary world. For those who say "I don't like reading," give a couple new genres a go. It took 22 years for me to discover that I'm a huge social sci fan. #NerdStatus For those looking for some of my best of books, hit up these review and see what strikes your fancy.

Books to Bury Your Nose Into


By: Curtis Sittenfeld

This book is more than a collection of fiction short stories. This book pulls you into the very real experiences of modern relationships, twisted cultural issues and the difficulties and intricacies of being human. You find a piece of yourself in each and every story.

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The reckonings: essays

By: Lacy M. Johnson

This epic series of essays by Johnson, a woman who was raped and kidnapped by a former partner, is all about erasing the demand for retribution and turning to the practice of compassion and grace. Each story is a modern non-fiction tale speaking to cultural injustice across America.

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Modern Romance

By: Aziz Ansari

For those with a fascination in the dynamic between modern dating and the internet. Aziz takes his classic light, comedic tone and pairs it with a sociological investigation ont the effect of ‘swiping’ of today’s dating landscape.

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Mating in Captivity

By: Esther Perel

For those with an interest in the complexities of monogamous relationships today. Esther Perel takes her experience as a therapist to do a deep dive into the turbulent waters of expectations and commitment.

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By: Christian Rudder

The subtitle isn’t “Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Watching)” for nothing. Rudder uses Google search histories and personal data to explore the truth in human nature and how such data can be more predictive about our public and private lives.

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On Love

By: Alain de Boton

A rare fiction recommendation. Alain is wise beyond his 23 years (at the time of publication) in this philosophical novel that dissects the rise and fall of a young relationship those existential reflection, allowing the reader to see themselves in the pages.

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