An Open Letter to the Obscure, Overlooked Things I'm Thankful For

Dear things,

Little ones, big ones, yummy smelling ones, shiny ones, peaceful ones. There are so many of you to be thankful for. The holidays often bring forth a sense of thankfulness and appreciation - the grandness of it all. Yet, it’s the itty bitty, overlooked things you should be most thankful for - those day to day delights. The tiny, beautiful building blocks of gratitude that warm your heart far after the holidays. This is a letter of appreciation to the things that touch our lives but most often go overlooked.


To People Who Pay Attention: You know the ones. The ones who see and recognize that you are multi-dimensional, the ones who never put you in a box. They see both the class clown and the thoughtful being - both the big personality and the introvert that lives inside.

To Crockpots: Think about it - you literally throw things into a caldron, walk away for a few hours and the meal has cooked itself.

To Breakfast Food: You are a sweet and savory delight that allows me to pour maple syrup on everything without the judgement of being Buddy the Elf.

To The First Time Holding Someone’s Hand: It’s a moment that reminds you that no matter how old you grow, the butterflies are always alive.

To Unexpectedly Making a Child Laugh: Yeah, I’m funny, okay? Even though you might possibly be getting laughed AT.


To Winning a Toy from the Claw Machine on the First Try: Because you get some epic bragging rights and there’s always a piece of you that wants to prove that all of your parents’ coins were spent in training.

To Puppies Who Aren’t Yours But Approach You Before Anyone Else: Name a bigger confidence boost, I’ll wait.

To Those Adorable Little Herb Gardens that Restaurants Have Sometimes: The most thoughtful little touch that many overlook, bringing meaning to home grown.

To All of The Books I Will Love & Have Yet to Read: Can I get a hope, yeah? The magnitude of appreciation that lies in the future should be what pushes us forward. The best friends who are currently strangers, the favorite books that are merely pages, the moments that have yet to happen that will one day define us.

To A Brand New Journal: The fresh and crispy pages that smell as sweet as the words and feelings that have yet to be felt.

To the People We Admire from a Far and Exceed In Person Expectations: There’s something so magical in realizing that reality is better than you’re imagination. Good people are still amongst us.


To the Perfect Candle: I smelled and I smelled and I smelled in search for you - a whole aisle of smells just to recognize your deliciousness.

To the Silent, Sweet Moments: The ones where words truly can’t do it justice. Where the feeling in the air says everything.

To Those Perfectly Sunny Days with a Slight Breeze: Those are the days when you recognize the wonders of the world. How two things can come together to create a perfect storm of calm.

Whisper a thank you to the little moments. The moments that build the beauty of humanity, of realness, of gratitude. Those are the things you should be thankful for.